Anniversary Clock

A traditional type of mantel clock with a rotating pendulum encased in a glass dome. The name comes from mechanical movements, which needed winding once a year.

Ascending Alarm

An electronic alarm which starts off softly and gradually becomes louder in stages.

Carriage Clock

A traditional type of mantel, desk or table clock characterized by having a handle on top. Originally a functional feature, the handle is now most often ornamental.

Dual Chime

An electronic clock movement that can be set to select one of two chimes. These are most commonly Westminster/Whittington.

Dual Time Feature

Two different time zones are displayed on the clock dial. These dials can be a combination of two separate analog sub dials or an analog digital sub dial.

EASY-TO-SET Front Rotating Alarm Bezel

The ring or “bezel” around the clock dial can be rotated to easily set the alarm time. This is the most convenient alarm setting feature available.

Get Up & Glow

Through the process of electro-luminescence, the dial or hands are illuminated at the touch of a button.

High Definition EL Dial

An electro luminescent dial with high resolution numerals.

Light Sensor

A device that automatically disengages all alarms and melodies when there is no available light. Light sensorsare available in some mantel clocks and wall clocks with chimes or musical movements.

Luminous Hands and Markers

Markers on dials or hands glow in the dark for a period of time.

Nighttime Chime Silencer

A mechanism featured in a chime clock that automatically shuts off the chime at 11:00 P.M. and resumes functioning at 6:00 A.M.

Quiet Sweep Second Hand

The second hand moves in one continuous motion and has the advantage of being extremely quiet while operating.

R – Wave

A clock having a special movement capable of receiving a time signal transmitted by the National Institute of Standards. This radio signal enables the clock to keep time accurately up to one second in one million years and will automatically adjust the time according to either standard or daylight savings time.


The pendulum of a clock, which originally served the function of “regulating” a mechanical time keeping mechanism, is now  popular ornamental feature.

Schoolhouse Clock

A traditional style wall clock featuring a long rectangular wooden case with a pendulum.

Skeleton Clock

A “see through” design that exposes the clock movement wheel assembly to view. There is usually a sub-second hand.

Snooze Alarm

This alarm, once stopped, allows for three to five minutes additional sleep before the alarm resumes sounding.

Step Second Hand

Unique to quartz clocks, this “start-stop-start” motion precisely measures time in one second intervals.

Swarovski Crystal

Indicates genuine Swarovski Crystal components.


This is a traditional style whose name is based upon its resemblance to a small drum-like Tambourine.

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