Servicing and Warranty Information

Question: What is the warranty period for a new SEIKO Corporation of America timepiece?

Answer: The U.S. warranty period for Seiko clocks sold by SEIKO Corporation of America is one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Question: Where can I Have my clock repaired?

Answer: A clock is a very sophisticated piece of precision equipment. Highly trained and skilled technicians, using special tools developed by Seiko, are required for its repair. We recommend our customers contact either of the two Seiko Authorized Service Centers; (SCA Service Center) New Jersey (201) 529-3316 or Puerto Rico (787) 750-7190.
You can also contact a Seiko Authorized Dealer for clock repairs. Refer to the “Find a Retailer” section of this website to identify locations.

For further information visit our Seiko Service Center Website at SeikoServiceUSA.com

Question: What should I do if my Seiko clock needs repair?

Answer: If you need your clock serviced, there are several things you should remember prior to taking or sending it to a Seiko Authorized Service Center (SCA Service Center) or Authorized Dealer:
a) Fully describe the problem or symptoms you are having with the clock.
b) Include your warranty or proof of purchase if the timepiece is still within the warranty period.
c) If mailing, make certain your name and address are shown both on the outside of the package as a return address and on the correspondence inside describing the problem. Also, keep a record of the case number (hyphenated) and the serial number from the back of your clock for reference.
d) Always insure the package to protect yourself in case of a loss in transit and to make tracing possible if necessary.
e) Package the timepiece well to protect it in transit.

Question: If I wish to send my timepiece directly to SCA Service Center (Seiko Authorized Service Center), where are they located?

Answer: You can take or send your timepiece to:
SCA Service Center
1111 Macarthur Boulevard
Mahwah, NJ 07430-2124
Phone: 201-529-3316
Fax: 201-529-4525

Question: When shipping, should I pack my clock in the original gift box?

Answer: No. Securely package your clock and ship via UPS, if possible. Gift boxes should NOT be used to return clocks as we will not be able to return them.

Question: Will I receive an estimate prior to my timepiece being repaired?

Answer: If your timepiece is out of warranty and the repair charges exceed $20.00, you will receive a written estimate outlining all repair costs. You can respond to the estimate by returning the postcard or calling the appropriate service center. If you give instructions in your letter that no estimate is required, regardless of cost, no estimate will be given and the repair will be forwarded to the repair shop for service.

Question: Can new clocks be purchased at SCA Service Center?

Answer: SCA Service Center is strictly a repair center for SEIKO Corporation of America.

Question: Does SCA Service Center accept credit card payments for repair services?

Answer: No. Payment can be made by sending a check to the repair facility (made payable to SCA Service Center) or COD (cash or check on delivery).

Question: How frequently should the batteries be changed?

Answer: Once per year when changing to or from Daylight saving time.

Question: Do I have to send my clock to SCA Service Center or a dealer for a battery change?

Answer: No. You do not have to send your clock to SCA Service Center or a dealer for a battery change. Follow the instructions included with your clock and change using alkaline batteries.

Question: Can I obtain replacement parts for my clock directly from SCA?

Answer: No. Please contact your local Authorized Dealer to order replacement parts. You can consult our Seiko Clock Store Locator to identify dealer locations.

Question: Does my clock need to be adjusted for accuracy?

Answer: Clock accuracy depends on the movement used in the clock. Please refer to the information in your instruction booklet. If the accuracy of your clock is outside the standard range, we recommend you contact SCA Service Center or a Seiko Authorized Dealer to have the accuracy adjusted.

Question: Where can I obtain the instruction booklet for my clock?

Answer: An instruction booklet should have been provided with the clock by the retailer. If you do not have one, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the clock. If that is not possible, please contact SCA Service Center – New Jersey (201) 529-3316.

Question: Does my clock need periodic checks?

Answer: Seiko quartz clocks are designed to provide a lifetime of accurate and reliable service. However, every two or three years or when you replace the battery, you should visit a Seiko Authorized Deal or Seiko Authorized Service Center. They will inspect your clock for any worn parts that may need replacement, check whether it needs lubrication and whether water, dust, etc., have gotten inside.

Question: Where do I go to get more information about/from SEIKO Corporation of America?

Answer: Contact custserv@scamahwah.com. We will acknowledge receipt of your e-mail immediately by automated response and generally be able to answer your questions within three to five business days.

Care Instructions

Question: Do certain atmospheric conditions (such as salt air, high altitude) affect the finish on my clock?

Answer: Salt air and moisture may affect finish. Keep dry and out of direct sunshine.

Question: What might be harmful to my clock?

Answer: Avoid putting your clock near medical equipment, headphones, loudspeakers or refrigerator door magnets. Electric mixers and blenders and a wide range of other electrical equipment may also have strong enough magnetism to affect timekeeping.

Question: How should I clean the outside of my clock?

Answer: Use a soft damp cloth; no abrasives or cleaning solutions.

Product Specific – Melodies in Motion Clocks

Question: Which songs are played by the Melodies in Motion clocks?

Answer: Song titles for each model are listed on their product detail page on this site.

Question: Why is music not playing or figures not moving?

Answer: Check the on/off switch to ensure it is in the “on” position. If the switch is set properly then there may be a problem with the movement such as a broken contact. We recommend that you contact SCA Service Center to arrange for service (New Jersey 201-529-3316).

Question: Why doesn’t my clock strike the hour after music plays?

Answer: Unlike other chime clocks, Melodies in Motion clocks are not designed to strike on the hour.

Question: Will the music and motion turn off in the dark?

Answer: Yes. If not, the light sensor is malfunctioning and should be serviced.

Product Specific – Radio Wave Clocks

Question: Why doesn’t the clock set automatically?

Answer: Features, weather disturbances and structure characteristics may affect reception.

Question: Why doesn’t the clock pick up a radio signal?

Answer: Avoid placing the clock near electrical devices such as personal computers, radios, TV’s, etc. These devices may interfere with the reception of the signal.

Question: How can I tell if it is picking up a signal?

Answer: By checking the Atomic Clock at www.nist.gov you will be able to determine if your clock is picking up a signal. If the second hand is a few seconds off, the clock probably has not locked onto the signal. The clock will then continue to run as a normal quartz movement clock.

Question: I tried to install an after-market battery, but it does not fit?

Answer: Consumers tend to buy after-market replacement batteries. However, they may not fit in the clock compartment. Battery compartments on newer models have been redesigned to accept after-market batteries. You can order battery part #CR2450 from SCA Service Center which is specifically designed for radio wave clocks.

General Information

Question: What type of finishes and colors do wooden Seiko clocks come in?

Answer: Wood cases use a natural stain and are sealed in a satin finish. Colors range from light to dark brown.

Question: What types of finishes are on the metal clocks?

Answer: Metal clocks are usually sealed with lacquer to prevent corrosion.

Question: Are all of the crystals glass?

Answer: A vast majority of models have a genuine glass crystal.

Question: What type of material is used in the LCD?

Answer: Liquid crystal.

Operational Information

Question: Where can I find information about setting and operating my Seiko clock?

Answer: Each style is different and requires different instructions, however, each Seiko clock comes packaged with an Owner’s Manual. If you misplace your instructions or need further assistance, you may call us at 800-722-4452.

Question: Does Seiko ship internationally?

Answer: We’re sorry, at this time SeikoClocks.com orders can only be shipped in the United States. An instruction booklet should have been provided with the clock by the retailer. If you do not have one, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the clock. If that is not possible, please contact SCA Service Center – New Jersey (201) 529-3316.

Seiko USA Service Center

Visit our Seiko Service Center Website For all your after-sales needs. SeikoServiceUSA.com

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